KB Tango Tiles

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Item Number: KB Tango Tiles
Name: KB Tango Tiles

Designer: Kathleen Bissett

Sgstd Retail: $10.00

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My fourth pattern developed out of a class, but not one of my classes. In April 2001, I took a class with my friend and colleague, Jim Wilford. Jim developed a design and technique that was so much fun that several of us in the class suggested that he publish it as a pattern. Jim said that he was not interested in the process of publishing – he was a teacher. After a number of discussions I learned that Jim really wished to have his pattern published, but he did not wish to do it himself. So, we agreed that I would purchase the rights to his design. Since the design was original with Jim, he automatically owned the copyright. As the owner he could sell that copyright. Once he sold the copyright to me, I was free to publish the design.